Fans: Interview with the Johnson family – Video Ghostbusters!

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Interview with the spectacular Johnson family!

You are all fans of Ghostbusters?
Yes we are. The kids are 8 and 5 and have already seen the movies multiple times. My wife and I, of course grew up with it.

Acted very well, are you all actors?
Thanks. We are not actors but we try our best.

How did the idea of family films come about?
Each year we make a family film (usually a spoof of a movie classic). We then debut the final product at my son’s birthday party in early December. We have a lot of fun making them and it’s great to go back and watch the older videos. In the past we’ve done: Star Wars, Superman, Tinker Bell, and Indiana Jones. It’s a enjoyable way to document our lives and more entertaining than watching hours of home videos.

How many days long was the shooting of the film?
We only shoot in short bursts (an hour at a time). We started shooting in July and wrapped up production in November. It’s guerrilla filmmaking. We shoot fast and furious. The trick to this kind of filmmaking is PRE-PRODUCTION. Everything is written, scripted, and storyboarded before the camera ever comes out. The storyboards are the road map and we stick to it as much as possible. For Ghostbusters!, we shot most of the exteriors first since we live and Wisconsin (and the weather is nice in July). Then when fall rolls around, we tackled all the interiors. If I would have known it would get this kind of attention, I would have spent more time on it!

Can you tell us what software you used for special effects?
The movie was entirely edited and composited in Adobe After Effects. The Marshmallow Man was built and animated in Carrara. All the sound editing was done in Apple’s Garageband. Most of the special effects you see are thanks to After Effects.

Have any other plans?
Funny, everyone asks that! I had a treatment written for our version of Back to the Future. We’ll see. The next family movie won’t begin production until next summer (when the weather is nice again).

Thanks so much to all Ghostbusters Fans!
Ghostbusters forever!

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