The Streams Have Crossed: Reebok Equips Ghostbusters™ With Footwear and Apparel Capsule, Dropping Halloween 2020

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(BOSTON) October 23, 2020 – Today, Reebok, in collaboration with Sony Pictures Consumer Products, have called on the highly-sought-after Ghostbusters to unveil a full-family, full-body footwear and apparel capsule for Halloween 2020, honoring the legacy of the historic sci-fi-leading film franchise. The Ghostbusters x Reebok FW20 capsule – the first of two planned installments for the collection – is available globally beginning October 31 from and Rock City Kicks, among other select retailers.

Debuted in June of 1984, supernatural phenomenon Ghostbusters is considered one of the most influential comedic pictures of all-time and a pioneer of special-effects driven comedy. With heritage in their DNA, admired underdog mentalities, ethos powered by otherworldly tech and a drive to push the boundaries of exploration and innovation, Reebok and Ghostbusters have finally joined forces in time for “paranormal season.”

Shared characteristics have been brought to life on the capsule’s first two narrative Reebok footwear designs:

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Ghostbusters x Reebok “Ghostsmasher”

($150, FY2106)

  • Constructed specifically for the collaboration, nods “Ghostsmasher” – the original film’s title before it was officially released as “Ghostbusters”.
  • Designed with a worn aesthetic as if the shoe – uncovered today – was created for the original ‘80s film.
  • Removable faux OG Pump proton pack at the heel.
  • Hand-drawn “No-Ghost” logo on the tongue
  • Protective mid-top design and ankle strap secures foot beneath soft lux leather upper.

 c22797-c22797_reebok_ghostbusters_educate_crm_email_stack_4-1c_cl_leather_m_640x640-668254 c22797-c22797_reebok_ghostbusters_educate_pdp_image_grid_cl_leather_t2_640x640-668233 c22797-c22797_reebok_ghostbusters_educate_pdp_image_grid_cl_leather_t5_640x640-668236 c22797-c22797_reebok_ghostbusters_educate_pdp_image_grid_cl_leather_t6_640x640-668237 c22797-c22797_reebok_ghostbusters_educate_social_ig_post_classic_leather_1080x1080-668257 c22797-c22797_reebok_ghostbusters_social_resize_smokey_bg_07-668275 c22797-c22797_reebok_ghostbusters_social_resize_smokey_bg_24-668292 c22797-c22797_reebok_ghostbusters_sustain_social_ig_post_classic_leather_1080x1080-668265

Ghostbusters x Reebok Classic Leather

(Adult: $100/H68136, GS: $70/​H68139​, PS: $65/H68137​, Toddler: $50/H68138​)

  • Inspired by the Ghostbusters jumper with a textile upper similar to that of the historic  jumpsuit from the film.
  • Embroidered quarter window box logo matches jumpsuit details.
  • Iconic caution stripes on the heel with graphic reading “Ready to Believe You”.
  • Lace aglet reads phone number to call if you’ve captured a ghost.
  • Proton blaster sockliner graphic enhances ghost-catching experience.
  • Welded Ghostbusters logo at tongue.
  • Quilted collar material matches ghost-busting jumpsuits.

Sneakers from the capsule will ship in repurposed OG Pump packaging from the 80’s. On the box, “Less talk… …more busting” is seen written over its classic Reebok logo while “This is how it ends” nods the ominous Ghostbusters vibe.

In addition to its main footwear styles, the collection will feature matching Ghostbusters x Reebok apparel including short-sleeve tees and crewneck sweaters available in black or white, as well as a limited-edition real-life full-body boiler suit simulating iconic “Ghostbusters” jumpsuits.

The Ghostbusters x Reebok FW20 footwear and apparel capsule is available globally beginning October 31 – Halloween, 2020 – from and Rock City Kicks among other select local retailers.

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